Disrupting traditional betting

BETR is revolutionising the world of sports betting. The release of the BETR token has created a betting cryptocurrency that will establish truly decentralised sports betting. The BETR token provides financial security with true peer-to-peer betting by eliminating the middle man and using blockchain technology. The software is safe and transactions are provably fair, secure and robust.

BETR crypto video

The story so far…

The BETR Foundation was established in October 2017 to launch the cryptocurrency BETR, for use in online sports betting. Founded by Adriaan Brink the whitepaper issued prior to the ICO, details the objectives and goals for creating the BETR currency.

The BETR token ICO was launched in December 2017 completing in January 2018 with in excess of $5.5m of token sales. Over this period, the BETR token gathered a significant following and broad investment community. A large part of the token sales were made to the betting industry, with the crypto community equally keen to become involved in the unique BETR model entering the Blockchain.

Since the ICO, the business focus has been on the development of the technology platform. The initial version of the software enables punters to place bets on their favourite teams using the BETR token and our unique peer-to-peer technology. The development team is led by Adriaan Brink and includes top crypto experts and sports book developers from around the world.

During the ICO, BETR attracted a large, interested and engaged community and we continue to interact with this community to answer questions and involve them in the development of the BETR technology and roll out.

The BETR is currently listed on numerous exchanges including HitBTC and Bancor, providing liquidity and ease of transaction.

ICO Date

15 Dec 2017 — 31 Jan 2018

Total BETR Supply

650 Million

Token Circulation

500 Million

ICO Participants


Total Sales

$5.5 Million

  • Design & Setup

    October 30, 2017

  • Launch & Pre-sales

    November 22, 2017

  • Public Sales

    December 15, 2017

  • Token Tradable

    January 31, 2018

  • Betting API Launched

    March 2018

  • Proof of concept launch for the World Cup, limited BBN

    June 2018

  • European football season, Sport and league navigation

    August 2018

  • More sports (cricket, NFL, Basketball, NHL) – new apps

    September 2018

  • New API use case

    October 2018

  • Smart contracts update, New app design

    November 2018

  • New wallet integration

    January 2019

  • Multi-currency Betting – ETH

    February 2019

  • EOS Betting

    April 2019

  • Build developer community, API update

    June 2019

  • Add eSports

    March 2020

  • Marketing and Growth

    June 2020

  • Add Virtual Sports

    July 2020

  • Add Casino

    August 2020

  • B2B Launch

    Sept 2020

  • Additional front end currencies

    November 2020

  • Move core from Ethereum

    February 2021

  • New token

    March 2021

  • BBN full version

    August 2021

The team

Led by Adriaan Brink the team includes a growing number of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds working on the technology. There is a wealth of experience in Blockchain, online gaming and payments industries in the organisation. An extremely experienced and dedicated group of advisors also support the BETR team.

Adriaan Brink

Founder & CEO

Ian Sherrington

Chief Software Architect

Stephen Gray

Chief Technical Officer

Anton Dolmat

Web Developer

Oliver Lillepruun

Project Manager