April 2020 Update

It is unprecedented times around the world and to flourish we need to adapt.  Sports have more or less ground to a halt everywhere and the sports betting landscape is dire to non-existent at the moment.
For more colour on the current situation take a look at some current news including an SBC news article on the current gaming environment, some information on virtual sports, and the UK Virtual Grand National.
At BETR we moved swiftly to replace traditional sports with eSports and this is starting to show take-up but it could be slow to grow given the novelty of the sport.
In recognition of this, and as an extension to the project, we have decided to add to the product offerings with more casino style gaming which
is not reliant on physical sporting events.  To this end we have signed an agreement with Golden Race to integrate their virtual sports offerings and will start integration shortly.  These provide sports betting style interfaces for traditional sports such as football and horse racing, but the underlying events are created randomly and the highlights rendered as a video so participants can “see” the event happening.  For a preview of the games please see the Golden Race website.
We are also seeking to add casino style games such as slots and table games and are in discussion with a number of suppliers.
We continue with our model of underlying risk being funded by BETR, but with these games which are completely random we have taken a decision to reward the entire BETR community in returns from the games.  Accordingly, we will be providing liquidity to underpin the risk on the games and are committing to return all profits on these games to the community by burning BETR tokens earned less any provider rev-share and running costs.  The burning will, over time, reduce the circulating token pool and increase the value for token holders.
On the B2B front we have spent a number of months pursuing a large deal with an existing Asian operator. This has unfortunately been delayed due to the circumstances – not least because our primary contact is currently in hospital with COVID with to 2 deaths in the building.  Our thoughts are with them and we hope to resume discussions and integrations as soon as possible.
I hope that you are staying safe – no doubt in isolation as much of the world seems to be -and probably bored silly or learning a musical instrument or something!  Take some of that spare time to support us – bet on eSports and let’s move forwards together.