BETR Affiliates

BETR is delighted to introduce BETR Affiliates.  BETR Affiliates can now earn BETR tokens by introducing bettors to BETR.   Sign up to the BETR Affiliate programme today for competitive commissions with instant pay-outs. 

The Process 

The affiliate commission is calculated from every losing bet – when the bettor loses a bet, a percentage of the bettor’s losses are automatically paid through the smart contract from the layor to the affiliate’s wallet.

BETR affiliate commission is initially set to 1.5% which equates to approximately 20% of Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) depending on the margin of the bets. 

This is quite a different and more profitable model than the classic GGR share affiliate model. No negative exposure to winning bets, the layor pay-out is instantaneous on settlement of a bet rather than at month end and of course, no negative carry-over as with traditional affiliate programmes. Wallets tagged to affiliates are tagged on Ethereum and cannot be de-tagged or changed in the future.

How to get started as a BETR Affiliate.
  • Register the BETR Affiliate BETRWallet account at 
  • The BETR Affiliate will need to fund and keep a minimum balance of 500 BETR in the new wallet to activate the free ETH top up to cover gas on wallet tagging transactions. 
  • A unique affiliate link will be shown on the BETR Wallet created by adding the wallet Ethereum address to the following URL:
  • Services such as can be used to simplify the link. 
  • Ensure that the BETR Affiliate wallet has Ethereum (for gas fees) before sending any traffic to the link.  Note:  the free top up can take time.
  • Start sending traffic to using the unique BETR Affiliate tracking link.
  • BETR Affiliate commission will be paid out directly from the layer wallet once each bet is resulted.
  • BETR Affiliate commission can be tracked in real time in the related BETRWallet or using a blockchain.