BETR News – Token update

The BETR Foundation is dissatisfied with current token price. While all investors were made aware of the terms of the ICO, the foundation is not happy with the decline and instability in the token price as it does not provide a stable base for our utility which is escrow for sports betting and/or other purposes.

As the BETR Foundation is committed to the totality of the project it has taken the decision to put a floor on the price of 0.005c, which is where it has traded over the past few days. We will be putting in place buy orders at around this price on exchanges and invite any token holders who do not share our excitement for the future to sell their tokens on exchanges. Such Tokens purchased by the BETR Foundation will be added to treasury funds, removing them from the active liquidity pool, which should have a positive effect on the token economics as a whole and supply the stable token that the project requires.

Any token holders who wish to place larger blocks of tokens are invited to contact the foundation directly to agree and arrange a sale process. Any agreement to buy back tokens directly and the terms of such a sale are at the sole discretion of The BETR Foundation.

BETR software development is ongoing and the BETR Foundation is encouraged by the enthusiasm with which layors and bettors are embracing this unique technology to place peer-to-peer bets. The Foundation will continue to provide support and enhancements to this technology with adoption by the first B2B partners imminent.