BETR2018 app known defects

The BETR2018 App and site are in their first releases. We are aware of some defects which are in the process of resolving.  We will be continuously updating this page as changes are made.

Issue Our plans to resolve the issue
1 When you successfully place a BETR bet in the Android App, then the bet only becomes visible under Bet History after couple of minutes (Max 2 minute delay) This is the limitation of the Ethereum blockchain.
2 Customer with BETR balance tries to place a bet, it fails if the customer doesn’t have ETH balance in his/her wallet It’s not a perfect user experience, but this is the way how Ethereum blockchain works – the customer needs to have a small ETH balance in order to cover the Ethereum gas cost of the transaction (keeping the balance of ca 0,02 ETH will be sufficient, as the gas fee is typically between 0,001 to 0,006 ETH) in order to cover the Ethereum gas cost of the transaction.
3 Customer can not use any other BETR/Ethereum wallet than to place BETR bets In the future it will be possible. Better Betting Foundation has 2 more BETR wallets in development. We are planning the work to add the support to Myetherwallet.
4  There is no native iOS app The work has started to develop Progressive Web App which works across multiple platforms/devices . At the moment there are no plans to develop iOS native app (but plans might change)
5 Ethereum gas cost for placing a bet can be quite high – anything from $1 to $3 (0,001 to 0,006 ETH) – customer needs to pay that cost from his/her ETH balance The gas cost depends on Ethereum blockchain and can be quite high when the blockchain is under heavy load. This makes it pointless to place very small bets as the gas fee will be higher than the potential return.

Please contact us here if you have any questions.