eSports – the only sport still playing

With the demise of live sports around the world thanks to COVID-19 betting action is non-existent on football, tennis and other traditional sports. The only sector that is thus far relatively unaffected is the burgeoning eSports sector.

For those for whom this is unknown territory – eSports is the playing of computer games typically between two teams of 4 or more people.  While the finals in the big series are played in large stadiums in front of audiences (some cancelled at the moment thanks to the virus), there are many matches every day played at home or in closed environments and watched through online streaming services such as Twitch or Youtube in bigger numbers than your average tennis game.  Welcome to the world of eSports!



At BETR we have launched coverage for 6 of the most popular video games, with a rich range of markets including in-game betting on many events.  We currently cover Dota2, Counterstrike Global Offensive (CS:GO), Rocket League, Call of Duty:Modern Warfare, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) and Overwatch.  We plan to improve the offering in the future with streamed coverage of events and improvements to the visual interface, but wanted to get this live for you now.



Dive into an event and take a punt on the progression of the game – much like you would with a football game.  Except that instead of goals, corners yellow cards and so on we are now betting on Maps, Kills, Nashors and Towers amongst other things.