Frequently asked questions


How much was raised in the ICO? 

Around $5.5m. (depending on Crypto rates) A total of 200,585,761 BETR tokens were sold in the ICO and pre-ICO. 


How long did your ICO run? 

From 15th Dec 2017 until 31st Jan 2018. 


Can I still invest? 

No, the ICO is now over but you can go to a number of exchanges that we are listed on to buy BETR tokens. Please check out the exchanges page. 


How do you differ to your competitors? 

There are several other sports betting operations that operate in the crypto space but we differ in one significant respect – we take no percentage of wagers and no margin. We purely facilitate a peer-to-peer bet. Add to that a team of seasoned veterans with a wealth of knowledge in the online betting industry and the result is a robust solution designed by the industry to work with the industry.   


What sports will we be able to bet on? 

All sports! The Better Betting Node will hold a directory of sporting events, markets and selections which can be added to by any agent – the options are not limited by a singular node and this decentralised form of betting allows potential for any possible bets. As we are launching for the World Cup, football will be the first sport made available on the platform, and more sports will be rolled out post-World Cup as we gain more and more momentum. 



How does it work?

You can place a bet on the World Cup 2018 events with BETR2018.  In order to place a bet, you need the BETR2018 application and a BETR Wallet, with sufficient funds of BETR tokens and ETH. You can down load the BETR2018 App here . We also have a full step by step guide here.


Are there any errors currently known

While we have many a concerted effort to have a finished product, the app is still in early development stages and there for has some functionality that is either not working or in production. You can find a list of these defects here.  Please feel free to contact us with any other issues at [email protected]


How do I register my wallet to the application?

You can go ahead and  place a bet and it will lead you to a wallet. Or if you would like to conenct your wallet before placing a bet, you can go to settings and add your wallet address


How many wallets can be stored on the app/platform?

One for now.You can register your BETR Wallet account here


How does the BBN know who wins and update accordingly?

Every lay (bet offer) has as a parameter the ether address of the node that will result the bet.  Initially we are controlling the resulting via a commercial results feed but the system is designed to be flexible.  Sportsbooks who integrate will typically want to control their own resulting so you will see the resultor and layor address the same.  We will also down the track cater for premium resulting – resulting from a fee paid service with more guarantees of correctness.  We also intend to launch consensus resulting which would take the weight of resulting from other methods


What are the server requirements?

Better Betting Node the same hardware requirements apply as for standard Ethereum node – relatively modest CPU will be sufficiant and you should be fine with 4GB or RAM 


The app looks basic. Is this the final product?

This is just the initial release. We will be launching the second version in August and with it rolling out more functionality and sports and creating more of a user-friendly experience. However, we are not the operator or a sportsbook and it is not our intention to create a flashy front-end. We will provide the software to facilitate peer-to-peer betting.


What are the fees for placing a bet?

We do not charge any fees. You will just need to cover the ethereum gas price. You need ethereum in your wallet to cover gas before making a bet.


What kind of bets can I make on the World Cup?

Outright and single event prices/odds. You can swtich between the two using the buttons in the footer of the app.


I want to bet that France will beat Australia in the Group Stage but there are lots of offers. Who is laying these bets?

BetterBetting network allows multiple layors to lay bets – this can be from an individual or a sportsbook. In most cases you will find many lays (often with different odds) under every selection. BETR2018 Android app displays the name of the layor and the Price/Odds of the offer. You will also see the max bet limit in the user interface. Press “BET” in order to choose your desired offer.


What determines the maximum bet amount

The amount the Layor is prepared to bet


Can I bet using Bitcoin or Fiat?

No, you can only bet with BETR tokens. Our system is designed to work in BETR. That is the model. We aim to make it as easy as possible to buy and sell BETR from FIAT and crypto but this involves working with third parties and takes some time. If you wish to purchase tokens, you can go to a number of exchanges here.


How can I check my bets?

You can see your placed bets under the Bet History tab in the top right of the application



BETR Token 

What are your contract details? 

Token Contract Address: 0x763186eb8d4856d536ed4478302971214febc6a9 

Decimal: 18
Token name: BETR
Our token audit can be found here:

How many tokens are in circulation? 

Our total token supply is just over 200 million tokens – 200,585,763 BETR. 


What are the total amount of tokens available? 

Our max capped supply is 650m tokens.  


Why is BETR called a token and not a coin? 

BETR can be traded on exchanges like any other crypto coin but it is considered a token because it can be used to make bets. For more information and differences on cryptocurrencies and tokens, head to our Guide on Cryptocurrencies. 


What is the current market price for BETR? 

If you head to our homepage there is a widget that updates live trading prices of BETR. 


Does BETR have its own blockchain? 

No, BETR runs on the Ethereum network. 




Where can I find BETR? 

HitBTC, IDEX, Waves, Bancor, Bisq, ForkDelta – more to come and will be announced once we receive listings. 


Are you on CoinMarketCap? 

Yes, we are. You can find us here.
We also have our portfolio on Coinlib and WorldCoinIndex which provides live trading prices and stats. 

I tried to trade BETR on HitBTC but it said “Insufficient Funds” despite my account being very well funded 

Try moving our tokens from transferred to an exchange account. 


Will you be listed on any centralised exchanges? 

We have applied to a number of exchanges including those that are large, small, centralised and decentralised. Those we are currently listed on can be found on our website, and we will update this once we get confirmation from others.  

Check out our Guide to exchanges for more information on Centralized and Decentralized exchanges. 





What are your API specifications and how will you integrate your platforms? 

The first draft of the BetterBetting API document is available here. It outlines the core functionality that we will offer to integrate with our service to lay, place, confirm and result bets on the BBN network. Updates to the API document will be published periodically when we have new features that will be supported. 

When will you launch? 

The first version will be launched for the World Cup 2018 (14th June) and more leagues and functionality will be rolled out as momentum grows. 


What systems are you using? 

We will be using our BBN (Better Betting Node) which is being specifically developed to facilitate the peer-to-peer betting transaction on the blockchain. Full details can be found in our Whitepaper. 


How will we place bets on the World Cup? Will we need to download an app? 

We have 2 app developments on the go, one with a 3rd party which is great as it is testing the APIs that we will make available to all post WC.  There will at minimum be a native Android app and also a web client. We are also working on wallet servers to make the process more streamlined and appropriate for non-crypto savvy users 


How will it look? 

It’s essentially an Odds app which displays in an interface that looks like a sportsbook all bets that are available and allows you to enter a stake and click a button to submit the bet via a wallet server.  The wallet server actually signs the transaction and submits to Ether.