Crypto Glossary

Airdrop A Crypto Airdrop is when a blockchain project or ICO distributes free tokens or coins to the cryptocommunity.
ATH “All Time High” – highest price milestone that a coin/token has achieved
Bag holder An investor who is holding a cryptocurrency which continues to decrease in value and has little prospect for recovery.
Bounty In a bounty program, the ICOs provide compensation to participants for a number of tasks in marketing and bug reporting. The reward is usually in that ICO’s tokens
BTFD “Buy The F*cking Dip” – when the market is in a downturn
Crypto bulls Optimistic about market prices and fluctuations
Crypto whales Massive crypto holdings – a significant proportion of a coin’s circulating supply. Can affect the market by dumping.
Crypto bears  Pessimistic about market prices and fluctuations
dApp Applications written in the blockchain, which means it’s a decentralized application aka Dapp.’
DYOR “Do Your Own Reseach” – very important in crypto!
FOMO “Fear Of Missing Out” – don’t be a FOMO, do your homework first.
FUD (Spreading) Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt – demeaning a coin by calling it a scam to induce investors into selling their coins, driving the market price down.
FUDster Someone who spreads FUD
Hashing The encryption process where computers use cryptography to verify the block and create a digital signature.
Hodl Reportedly a Bitcointalk user’s typo during Bitcoin’s huge crash in 2013. HODL is now jargon for long-term investor cryptocurrency trader – holding on despite market prices dropping.
ICO Initial coin offering – crowd sale that offers the opportunity to purchase digital coins from a new blockchain project
Market cap  Price per coin x circulating supply
MEW My Ethereum Wallet – an Ethereum-based digital wallet
MVP Minimal Viable Product
Noob New to crypto
One Satoshi The minimum quantity of transferable bitcoin = one hundred millionth of a bitcoin (0.00000001 bitcoins)
Phishing Posing as a reputable company or buyer in order to induce indviduals to reveal personal information/wallet information
Prices tanked Meaning dropped (stock term)
Private key The key to open your wallet
Proof of Work Roughly a method where blockchain transactions are verified with computing power
Public key Publicly accessible “key”, in crypto currency jargon your wallet
Pump and dump  A co-ordination of investors collectively buying a coin which boosts the price (pump) then sells the coin at a profit (dump). As the selling continues, the price crashes.
Security pairs A cryptocurrency which is backed by a tradable asset and designed to be a company’s share.
Trading tokens Describes a trade between one type of cryptocurrency and another. For example, the “trading pair” ETH/BTC.
Utility tokens Cryptocurrency that can be used with a particular product or service
When moon Investors ask this to know when the coin is expected to increase dramatically.
When lambo Once a coin, or more coins, reaches the moon, the investor is able to purchase their expensive vehicle of choice: eg. a Lamborghini. Hopeful investors often ask “when lambo” to see when their coin will reach significant value
Trading Animals
The Bear Believes the market will be going down and plays the short side
The Bull Very optimistic about the market and buy lots of coins/tokens
The EWhale Has the power to move prices when it buys and sells because of the amount of tokens they hold.
The Pig Likes to trade big and often. The pig does not know how to exit a winning trade.
The Shark Gets into trades, makes money and moves on to the next opportunity – not interested in complicated theories
The Chicken Fears losing money so does not trade with much size or good entries.
The Rabbit Trades on a time frame of minutes. Makes quick profits during the day and no overnight risk.
The Sheep Part of a majority and follows a guru. Usually the last one into an uptrend and last one out of a downtrend.
The Wolf  Trades at the market turning points.
The Turtle Slow to buy, slow to sell, and trades on the long-term time frame. Tries to trade the least amount possible to make as much as possible. Concerned about the end of day result.

Betting Glossary

Accumulator A single wager on multiple selections – all must come through to win
Asian Handicap Form of betting on football where the stronger team must win by more goals for the punter to win
Bettor Person who makes a bet. Also known as a punter
Bookie Bookmaker – an individual or organisation who takes on a bet
Chalk A favourite (to win) in a sporting event
Correct score A bet on the exact score/goals of a particular event
Double chance (bet) One bet that allows for two of the three possible outcomes.
Draw no bet The bet wins if the team is victorious, the stake is returned if there is a draw, and there is no payout if the backed team loses.
Even bet Bet based on an even number outcome
Fixed Odds Agreed odds which do not change despite any future fluctuations
Futures A bet placed ahead of a sporting event
Handicap Points spread -where extra points are awarded to the underdog (to level the field)
Hedge To place a bet (or bets) on the opposing bet – to reduce risk or guarantee profit
Lay Taking a bet
Layers A person or entity placing a bet
Markets (betting) A particular category of bet on a particular event i.e. Group A in the World Cup where odds are shown
Odd bet Bet based on an odd number outcome
Outright event/markets Bets on the whole competition or group
Over/under bets Bet on the number of goals (or other) in a match. Punter wins if the final number is above or under (as pre-specified) the amount set by the layor/bookmaker
Punter A person who makes a bet.
Return (of bet) Money paid back to the bettor (minus the stake)
Single event/markets Bets on a particular game within the competition
Sportsbook A company that takes wagers from the public
Stake The amount of money placed on a bet
1×2 and under A bet that selects the winning team and that no more than a specific number of goals to be scored by both opponents.
1×2 and over A bet that selects the winning team and that no less than a specific number of goals to be scored by both opponents.