How to use BETR App

Please note, in order to use the BETR Android app you need to have Android device with operation system Android 4.0.3 or later

This description applies to production environment:

  1. Download the BETR Android app from Google Play Store here
  2. Install the app
  3. Open the BETR app – you can use the app and view the events and prices/odds without logging in

  4. In order to place a bet using BETR tokens, please link your preferred BETR wallet with the app:

    By default is linked with the app. You can change the wallet server under the Settings (please access it using the button in the top right corner of the app) and use any other BETR wallet

  • We suggest to use the following wallet server: Wallet URL:
  • Remember you need to have both BETR balance (to place bets) and ETH balance (to cover smallgas cost of the transaction) in order to bet

  1. After you have setup your preferred Wallet server, please login with your BETR wallet username


  1. Please note, if you don’t have a BETR Wallet account, please register it on

  1. In BETR Android app you can place bets on major soccer, cricket and baseball event prices/odds. More sport types will be added to the app. Use the left side menu to select your sport type and league


  1. Under every league you will see events (for example Serie A event “Atalanta vs Frosinone”), markets (for example “Full Time Result”), selections (for example Atalanta-X-Frosinone) and prices/odds


  1. BetterBetting network allows multiple layers to lay bets. In most cases you will find many lays (often with different odds) under every selection. BETR Android app displays the name of the layer and the Price/Odds of the offer. You will also see the max bet limit in the user interface. Press “BET” in order to choose the offer


  1. Betslip will open after you press “BET” and you can choose the amount of BETR tokens you want to bet. Betslip displays both minimal bet limit and maximum bet limit. Betslip also displays the potential return of your bet. Bet is placed after you choose the bet amount and press “PLACE BET”


  1. BETR Android app asks you to confirm your bet and shows a success message after the transaction is accepted and sent to Ethereum blockchain


  1. You can see your placed bets under the Bet History tab


  1. You can see your BETR and ETH wallet balance under the Wallet tab: