Introducing the BETR Bot

It has been a busy few weeks for the team at BETR with even more sports available on the apps, upgraded in-play betting functionality and the introduction of our exciting new Betting Assistant, @TheBETRBot on Telegram

TheBETRbot is a simple, fast and fun way to bet using your BETR tokens on the Telegram messenger.  It has been developed using the open API from Telegram app and integrating the BETR betting platform functions.

For those of you new to Telegram, it is similar to WhatsApp, an instant messenger that allows large groups to have open discussions. Telegram Bots are basically Telegram automated accounts created to do certain tasks with a set of commands. 

TheBETRBot has its own set of commands and features which engages the user to bet. It allows you to have a conversation with the betting system in a straightforward, easy to use format with minimal clicks. Each command, or button is a self-explanatory call to action with a menu driven conversation. The user can choose which sport and league to follow, as well as view the next upcoming game and bet instantly. All you need to do is authorise your BETRwallet and you can begin the interaction.  The process is smooth, fast and uncomplicated. Moreover, It is a core example of how the BETR system is meant to be used, ideally set up for 3rd party use.   

While we are very proud of out new product, we are not keen on the term ‘bot’. We welcome any suggestions for a friendlier name. Please share your thought  and ideas on Telegram  or at [email protected]

Go to @TheBETRBot to try it out today