BETR to FUN exchange mechanism

We are now ready to exchange BETR into FUN.  The dead-drop address for your BETR is :


All tokens sent to this address will result in a reverse transfer at a rate of 1 FUN for every 4 BETR.  The system will remit FUN to the address that sends the BETR.

Please take the following detail into account:

  1. Only send BETR from Ethereum wallets that you control.  DO NOT SEND FROM EXCHANGES!  Exchanges use hot wallets for withdrawals and if you send your tokens from an exchange account it will result in the FUN being sent to the exchange and you will probably not be able to access them.
  2. Any generic Ethereum wallet will work – Metamask/Myetherwallet/Trezor/Nano etc.
  3. Users of BETRWallet please go to and login and enter a new recipient wallet address for the FUN. BETRWallet does not currently work with FUN and will be discontinued.
  4. Users of the BETROdds lay system I will handle personally – please email me directly on [email protected].

You may send your BETR at any time to the dead-drop address.  There are some approval controls in place so there may be a delay before you receive the FUN – I would appreciate your patience with this but it is important that we get it right.

Payouts of FUN will start from 09:00 GMT on 21 March 2021 – any tokens that are received prior to this will be processed at that time.  There may be a delays due to Ethereum being slow.

Thank you all for your support.  I am excited by the new direction and look forward to building the new gaming ecosystem on the FUN token.  Please keep an eye on for updates on the strategy going forwards.

This exchange mechanism will remain in place until 30 June 2021.